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Power: Concept and Exercises

Hi I have added one slide in presentation Power: Concept and Exercises This slide shows the concept of power based on graphic representation [histogram] Rafa Advertisements

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Saturation CMAP

Hi In order to work with isomers, it is a good idea to know if all bonds are single or if there are double or triple bonds. Thus, starting from a molecular formula it is interesting to know if a … Continue reading

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Organic Chemistry SUMMARY CMAP

Hi Here you have a brief summary of principal reactions of organic chemistry Organic Chemistry SUMMARY CMAP [Organic Chemistry INDEX] Rafa

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Work and Energy Conservation

Hi Here you have a presentation to introduce the main principles of energy conservation through an exercise. Work and Energy Conservation Rafa

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Dynamics Exams 2014-2015

Hi Here you can find two exams of dynamics: Exam 1 and Solutions Exam 2 and Solutions Physics & Chemistry Exams PAST EXAMS Rafa

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