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Equilibrium: Comprehensive Conceptual Exercise

Hi In order to work with concepts of chemical equilibrium I think this exercise could be interesting Equilibrium: Comprehensive Conceptual Exercise [Chemical Equilibrium INDEX] Rafa Advertisements

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Le Chatelier’s Principle and Reaction Quotient

Hi In this presentation, Le Chatelier’s principle is applied based on the concept of reaction quotient Le Chatelier’s Principle and Reaction Quotient [Chemical Equilibrium INDEX] Rafa Muñoa

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Prediction of Evolution of a System as Sequence and Limit

Hi The process of reaching equilibrium can be considered as a sequence of values of reaction quotient that going from initial value finally gets the limit value [equilibrium constant]. Thus, equilibrium constant is a limit value that initial systems try … Continue reading

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Inorganic Nomenclature Summary CMap

Hi Here you have a summary table on inorganic nomenclature Inorganic Nomenclature Summary CMap Rafa

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Atomic Models and Periodic Table – Exams

Hi Here you have proposed exams for this term. Atomic Models and Periodic Table – Exam 01 Atomic Models and Periodic Table – Exam 02 Physics & Chemistry Exams PAST EXAMS The exercises are about EXERCISE #1. Dalton’s Atomic Model … Continue reading

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