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Exam 01A: Thermochemistry and Equilibrium

Hi Here you have another exam on thermochemistry and chemical equilibrium Exam 01A: Thermochemistry and Equilibrium [EXAMS – INDEX] Rafa Advertisements

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Behavior of Ions from Strong and Weak Acids and Bases

Hi In order to introduce the concept of hydrolysis of salts, a good way could be the analysis of behavior of ions: (1) some can stay alone and (2) some will need the coexistence of conjugate species Behavior of Ions … Continue reading

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Exam: Atom, PT, Bonds, Nomenclature

Hi Here, another exam on th the topics of atomic models, periodic table and periodic properties, chemical bonds, and inorganic nomenclature: Chemistry – Eval 01 [2015-2016] [Physics & Chemistry Exams PAST EXAMS] Rafa

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Hi Through these exercises, students will work on the following aspects: Differentiation between density and concentration (both in g/l) Whole solutions and samples from them share some values: density and concentration. This identity between whole solutions and samples can be … Continue reading

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Acid-Base: Which species are present?

Hi In this group of conceptual exercises the species that are present in solution must be specified and, in somes cases, their concentrations calculated. These exercises try to prevent some difficulties and misconceptions: (1) in acidic solutions hydroxide ions are … Continue reading

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Acids and Bases: some notes

Hi In this brief presentation you will find some notes and graphics to explain concepts of acids and bases. Later, I will include more notes in it. Acid-Base CMaps Rafa

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Exam: Bonds and Inorganic Nomenclature

Hi Here is my exam for this term: Exam [Index of Past Exams] Rafa

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