Work and Conservation of Mechanical Energy

This development has the following characteristics: (1) definition and determination of work, (2) graphic representation of work, and (3) relatioship between work and change in mechanical energy.

Work and Energy Conservation CONTENT & METHODOLOGY

DEFINITION OF WORK AND CALCULUS. When work is defined and explanation of its calculus is delivered, a mention of how work changes the content of mechanical energy is convenient.

Work and Energy Conservation (2)

RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN WORK AND MECHANICAL ENERGY. In order to improve the comprehension of work, it is better to relate it to changes in energy as much as possible.

Work and Energy Conservation (3)

GRAPHIC REPRESENTATION OF WORK THROUGH HISTOGRAMS. This way, the relationship between work and energy is better seen and resolution of exercises is facilitated. [See my article: Tratamiento de la energía mecánica mediante histogramas]

Work and Energy Conservation (4)


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