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EXAM 03: Electrolysis, Solubility, Atom, PT, Bonds, Organic Chemistry

This resource is a chemistry exam: EXAM 03: Electrolysis, Solubility, Atom, PT, Bonds, Organic Chemistry [EXAMS – INDEX] Rafa Advertisements

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Energy Exam 2015-2016

This resource is an exam on mechanical energy and power Energy 01 Exam 2015-2016 [Physics & Chemistry Exams PAST EXAMS] Rafa

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Toulmin Diagram – Analysis of an article on Nanotechnology

An analysis of a nanotechnology article is assigned to students as a part of an exam of Scientific Culture . The reasons to propose a Toulmin diagram are: It conveys students to deep reflection Conclusions have a STRUCTURE All elements … Continue reading

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Electric Power and Heat

Here you have a short presentation on heat power of a resistance and transfer of heat to liquids (water, …) [Electric Power and Heat – Concepts and Exercises] [Electric Power and Heat CONTENT & METHODOLOGY] Rafa

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